A Short Bio...

Born on 9th September, 1966, I spent a happy but unremarkable 18 years growing up in Bexley, South East London before heading off to the University of Leicester for 3 years, where I graduated in '88 with a BSc. in Geophysics. After that it was up to the University of Edinburgh for a year on an MSc. in Remote Sensing and Image Processing, which I collected in 1989, with a thesis on incorporation of contextual data into remotely sensed images. I got to be fairly useful with computers that year...

Next move was to the Medical Physics department at the University of Dundee to do PhD. research into stereotactic radiosurgery, but I got rather sidelined into computing. This resulted in me leaving the PhD. programme in favour of a job in the department looking after their LAN and its clients, since I'd put a lot of the then current infrastructure in place as a prelude to getting some research done.

Many years later I'm still feeding the computers in the Physics department but occasionally manage to find time for my hobbies, which are free heel skiing, mountaineering, cycling, caving, canoeing & kayaking, orienteering, games and just slumming about in the outdoors...

In 2003 I met my Other Half, Roos, and we got engaged while cross-country skiing in early 2006 (you can go down on one knee in free heel kit!), with a Humanist marriage following on August 17th 2006 (there's a page all about the Big Day if you're interested in that sort of thing).

Roos and I turned our lives upside down a bit in May 2009 by taking on two children for adoption. They officially became part of the family in February 2011 so now there's four of us, and I seem to have a lot less spare time than I used to, but as they've grown up we've gradually started to get back in to having fun outdoors, and I've got an interesting sideline as a volunteer cycle instructor and coach now.

Contacting Pete

The easiest way to get in touch is by email as I monitor it closely, usually even on vacation if I have an internet connection handy. My address is

If you want to reach me by more traditional methods, my work address is the best place to get me:

Peter Clinch
Department of Medical Physics
Ninewells Hospital & Medical School
Dundee DD1 9SY
Scotland, UK

Telephone (44) (0)1382 660111 extension 33637